June 17, 2013



We choose quality materials, primarily Australian-made.

Standard Colours Seating webThe Canvas
We continue to seek the highest quality of canvas, with a tighter weave and greater thickness, for a better wearing and more comfortable product. Your denim jeans are, in fact, a very finely woven canvas.

Premium, Commercial Canvas for seat covers and Standard for Quad Covers
The Canvas is heavy duty (12.01oz) loomstate 14.09oz (proofed) canvas, from Wax Converters in Australia, is woven and proofed in Rutherford NSW. The proofing is a chemical/heat treatment process to enhance water proofing and colour fastness. The cloth is a blend of cotton and synthetic fibres.


Our standard colour range is Grey, Brown, Black or Camouflage but please contact us if you would like another colour.

Heavy Duty Canvas for Quads
This very heavy weight 12oz (loomstate) 16oz (dynaproofed) canvas is made by Wax Converters in Australia, is woven and proofed in Rutherford NSW. It is a chemically treated, enhanced waterproofing blend of cotton and terylene. Ripstop corespun threads are woven throughout both weft and warp, to reinforce the tear proofing and tensile strength. This very strong canvas was chosen to minimize cattle-dog claw damage and really does the job!

We use 25mm seat-belt webbing. This is the stuff you use to strap the kids and caravan onto the roof.


Woven binding for a superior finish, and longer life.

Synthetic, non-rotting thread – extra strong, so it won’t let you down.

We import our own special tension locking buckles from a Chinese owned New Zealand  manufacturer. (We know, strange, but trust the Kiwi’s to do it backwards).

Nickel-plated Eyelets
Australian made nickel-plated brass, for strength, corrosion resistance and long-lasting good looks.