June 17, 2013





Dingo Seat Covers are designed especially to be washable, extremely comfortable and a perfect fit. To make this happen, we actually design a seat cover from the ground up, for each and every different seat – which is why you need to specify your vehicle make and model when ordering.

We have especially designed our covers to fit snugly and have tension along the cushion (this prevents discomfort under butt wrinkles).


Our quality materials are carefully measured, cut, and sewn together, using precise pattern process engineering. Each seat cover must pass a stringent set of quality control guidelines, and the rare product unable to meet our requirements is cut up and any usable components are recycled.

Our attention to small details, such as cutting in such a way as to minimise shrinkage is yet another feature that distinguishes us from our competitors.

Our Premium Seat Covers and ATV covers are neatly topstitched for an extra wow factor. Overlocking the premium seat covers prevents the washing machine from fraying the canvas edges.


The water proofing of the canvas is a great hygiene feature for heavy equipment as it is a sweat barrier.
(Unfortunately it does cause the canvas to get very hot in direct sunlight).

Special Requests

We cater for special requests e.g. embroidery, different colours etc.
We do, however,need permission for Company logo artwork as the Australian copyright laws are scary.