June 17, 2013

Commercial vs Premium



Commercial and Premium Seat Covers                                                         Share the same superb design and quality materials.


Great for tradies and all general use. Commercials are not suitable for repeated machine washing but are easily cleaned in place with a soapy sponge and rinsed off with a damp towel. Commercials were originally designed and tested for the mining industry – great value solid product. 


To solve the sweat hygiene problems in haul truck seats we had to develop a seat cover that was suitable for constant commercial laundering. To achieve this, we use the same designed pattern and first of all overlock all the raw edges. We then topstitch all the seams. This process takes three times longer than the standard commercial cover and therefore is a special order. Please contact us if you are interested in a premium cover. 4WD’ing families have found our premium covers the best seat protection money can buy- when only the best will do.


Finishes seam off neatly (looks good).


Prevents fraying, suitable for machine washing.

Wear Pads

Made from extraordinarily hard wearing synthetic PVC and standard on the right hand side of all driver’s seats.

Wax Converters

Very tightly woven, hard wearing, fully waterproofed. Loomstate 420gsm; Finished 495gsm (14.6oz).