June 17, 2013



We take great pride in the quality of our seat covers.

Washable  Our covers can be washed and dried many times over, due to our advanced design, that gently stretches the canvas back into shape when refitted. For machine washing please refer to our premium covers..

Comfortable Surprising, but true. Canvas seat covers are extremely comfortable when made from a high quality canvas..

One PieceOur one piece design tensions the cover longitudinally, preventing any forward creep of the cushion cover.

Easy Install: With our adjustable 70kg SWL 25mm buckles, just click together, tension and the job is done.

Durable: We test “in house” for the toughest wearing fabrics. Wax Converters Dynaproofed canvas is tough and comfortable and durable. If you would like more info and some photos, please contact us.

Shaped to the curve: Our designer is a master at working canvas over double curves so that you don’t end up with a “Tailored potato sack”.

COMMERCIALS These are the covers that will be available online. They have been developed and tested in very harsh conditions and come standard with heavy PVC wear pads on the driver’s cover.

PREMIUMS Please contact us if you would like a quote for premium covers. Designed and manufactured to be the best. These are topstitched for great looks and can handle many machine washes.

Custom Solutions Specialised solutions to specific customer problems.

Mining/Commercial Developed and tested whilst we worked for Rio Tinto. PVC driver’s wear pads are sewn under the canvas for extra durability.