August 29, 2013

Quad Extras continued


12mm foam paddingFOAM PADDING

I did this for myself, 6mm upholsterers foam glued under the top section of the seat cover. Great for bony butted old blokes! The photo shows the underneath of a quad cover with foam glued to the seat. In some cases, where the seat is very badly damaged, we have glued foam to the entire cover.

Knee Grip Traction

ADVANCED GRIP under knee pads

I’m now playing around with the hi-tac vinyl on my seat front sides as under knee traction, for when I’m cornering hard. Helps, but really only worth while for racers, not old blokes who only think they GO FAST.



NO ZIPS, No leaks, No dust, No mud. With our exclusive Fly cover and “Yachty inspired sealing closure”,  you have easy clean access to your gear, with somewhere free of mud and dust to lay it out. Please email us for pricing and availability.

Special Purpose


If I can make something special to suit your needs, wonderful.  Please give us a call as it’s probably a great idea for us to use and help others.