July 1, 2013

Quad Extras

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BLING  started out as something just for fun. GO HARD in Canada wanted a bright orange seat cover for his ice racer, only to find that the orange material was very slippery. Just what he needed for a 24 hour ice race with 150 turns per lap, sliding from one side of the Quad to the other. The slippery orange material played a part in his win. We now use a micro fibre nylon product that is extremely hard wearing, very colour fast and it is also mildly slippery again- great for sliding across the seat when cornering hard. Bling started out for looks and morphed into performance, go figure.
Bum Traction

BUM TRACTIONAnyone who has been on the back seat of a modern 2-up Quad can appreciate how hard these things break, thus how hard you slam into the Babe on the front seat. I started adding patches of high-tac enduro motocross vinyl to key places under the pillions bum so Di wouldn’t get slammed so much. Can-am must have spotted this on their forum, low and behold the G2 MAX pillion is all high-tack vinyl, good stuff.
Grill Cover


We do a lot of Quad exploring using our GPS’ which means lots of cross country through long grass. Apart from the odd exhaust fire we were getting plenty of limp home over heats until we started putting some mesh in front of the grill. The Radiator covers slow down the grass seed build-up so you still need to stop and clear the radiator from time to time. Where I can work out how, I’m including simple mods with the radiator cover kit to allow for easy radiator cleaning access. We suggest regular degreasing of the radiator by an environmentally friendly degreaser (removes the dirt film better) to improve the heat transfer ability of the radiator.