April 11, 2015

Put A Dingo on your Seat

By Ric Williams

Up in far North tropical Queensland, Tim and Diane Forsyth both run a thriving business in custom made seat covers. A  4WD enthusiast from way back, Tim was into Jeeps for more years than I can remember, but the harsh terrain took its toll on the  family’s Grand Cherokee and with only 50,000 young kilometres on the clock was traded on a Nissan GU Patrol cab chassis. Now that’s one hell of a change in specifications, but when you live in Weipa you just have to adjust to local environment conditions and the Patrol was much better suited to handle the millions of dirt road corrugations, flooded bush tracks and numerous washouts.

While exploring some of the more isolated tracks in the heart of Cape York peninsula, Tim soon found himself pulling bogged travellers out of deep mud holes. He didn’t mind the the work, but wasn’t impressed with the layers of mud that often accumulated on his brand new Stratos seat.

“Initially we wanted to make a very neat and smart seat cover for our new after market seat and matching cover for the 3/4 passenger bench, but without the annoying under butt wrinkles, so common in canvas type seat material,” Diane explained.

Besides playing in the tropical ooze and pulling tourists out of sticky situations, Tim is a fair dinkum grease magnet and needed to source material that was both sufficiently robust and could withstand lots of washing cycles.

The prototype he produced was so good that it sparked instant local demand, which subsequently mushroomed into a small but rapidly growing trimming business.

The Dingo seat cover is the ideal accessory for Outback travellers and a must for serious four wheel drivers and trial competitors.

After putting up with hours of cleaning Project GU Patrol’s regular mud bath treatments, we decided to give our two Recaro’s the Dingo seat cover protection. Made from Bradmill’s finely woven quality blend cotton/polyester which provides lots of strength and breathing properties, the canvas is also chemically treated to a water proof finish. The more you wash Dingo’s seat covers the better they feel and fit around your priced procession-just like a pair of tight fitting denim jeans. Dingo seat covers are superbly crafted to fit snugly and incorporate features such as squab tension to prevent wrinkles and top stitching for more strength and neat appearance.

The seat covers are available for a large range of 4WD’s, sport  cars and heavy machinery like 20 ton dump trucks for example. Trade enquiries welcome.