June 4, 2014

Sears Caterpillar Comfort Seat

Sears Seats are found in a wide range of agricultural and earthmoving machinery and can be in cloth or vinyl. The Caterpillar Comfort seat has been specifically designed for all the Caterpillar heavy earthmoving equipment. Sometimes they have an identification tag, usually behind the cushion and if you find no identification then please email us a photo. The Caterpillar Sears seats do have a headrest that can be removed however, we have designed the covers as a hi-back to protect all the cloth. Armrest covers are available as optional extras and if your armrest is different than the photo, please email us.                                                                                                                                                                


1.If you have a Comfort seat without a headrest, please choose the OPERATOR BUCKET in the Operator choice.
2.Please be careful when choosing your seat as some of the older seats came out with no gap between the cushion and the backrest so choose option 1. Photo is above for a reference.
3.The newer Comfort Seats have a gap in the middle and you will be able to put your fingers through, so please check carefully and choose option 2. Photo is also above for a reference.
Thanks Di

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