July 1, 2013

Mining Extras

Light Vehicle Safety Bags

Light Vehicle Safety Bags can be supplied empty, fully made up, or to your specification. Please Contact Di for more information and prices.

24/7 Operators’ Hygiene Solution (Haul Trucks)

1.Standard haul truck seat: 2.Covered by a Dingo Seat Cover (with velcro): 3.Lightweight, personal operator’s cover: 4.Haul truck with personal cover securely attached: Occupational health and safety problem solved!
Standard Haul Truck Seat is not waterproof it soaks up sweat and becomes saturated. The seat feels slimy and smells very bad. When fitted with a Dingo Canvas Seat Cover (with velcro) it is waterproof, provides a breathable sweat barrier and fully machine washable. The operator’s personal seat cover is lightweight and portable, fast and easy to install and remove and is machine washable. Each operator has their own seat cover, to avoid “bathing” in someone else’s sweat. Please Contact Di for a quote.