June 17, 2013

Dingo Seat Covers


Our apologies if you have tried to purchase items within the past month of May and have experienced difficultiReport-a-problemes. Our website is now fully operational and we welcome all feedback. More buy-on-line products are being added each day so if your product is not listed please call/email us for a quote.

Australian Made Canvas Seat Covers Quality products Friendly Service

Now available for quads, after-market seats, accessories, agriculture, civil and earthmoving, aviation and ride-on mowers. All pricing is in Australian Dollars and includes GST. Read More

Seat Covers
We manufacture and design heavy duty, washable canvas seat covers for a variety of seats, styles and colours. Our product is a registered one piece Australian design and uses a high quality 14 ounce (proofed) Bradmill canvas. Read More

Our all Australian design, features a wide range of optional extras including a variety of pockets, armrests, headrests and more. We import torches exclusive to Us and design light vehicle safety packs for general and mining purposes. Read More

Dingo Seat Covers are Australia’s proud manufacturer of high quality, great value seat covers. We design a wide range of products for quads, aviation, heavy earthmoving equipment, agricultural machines and 4wd’s . We specialise in mining products for operators and it all began in a small mining town in Weipa.
In 1996, I began driving 250 tonne belly dumpers. These trucks have bodies in them 24 hours a day and with no seat covers on them, you can imagine how badly damaged they become, both from wear and tear and aroma! Next thing I know, my husband and I, were spending our wet-season days off, making canvas seat covers for the haul trucks. Following this, we were asked to solve the problems in the light vehicles. Due to the fact, that most canvas seat covers on today’s market, have a tendency to slide and wrinkle underneath, operators were getting so frustrated that the cushion cover would be pulled off and discarded. So over the next couple of years, whilst working in the mine, we perfected our one piece design and we still had time for fishing and camping!
We now design products and resolve issues for large mining industries, through to the general public. Our seat covers are designed specifically for different seats and are moulded to the correct shape to eliminate creases and flaps. We only use the very best quality materials in our products and our unique dual buckle tensioning system ensures that your seat cover is locked into position, so your butt and your journey will be a comfortable one!