June 17, 2013


How long does a canvas seat cover last?
Four years extreme duty; Ten years of farm duty.
How long does it take to make a seat cover?
Once your order is received, it is processed, then custom made from materials in stock. One week on average.
When will I receive my order?
Within two weeks of the date of your order.
Can I put a Dingo seat cover on a airbag equipped seat?
No.  If your seat has airbags, make sure you buy a seat cover with a custom designed airbag deployment hole. The time it takes an explosive-deployed airbag to rip through a well-made seam could be very dangerous.
My seat cover fits poorly
Is it the correct seat cover for your vehicle?
Is it the correct seat cover (eg driver vs passenger)?
Is it too tight after washing? See care instructions.
Is it a little wrinkled and loose? See fitting instructions.
Has the seat foam sagged with age?.
My seat cover fits poorly because the seat foam has flattened
Unfortunately, there is no cheap and quick fix to seat foam degredation. This is an issue over time, especially with the Landcruiser 75 and 80 series. The best solution is to have a motor trimmer/upholsterer replace the foam with better quality and re-trim the seat. If you’re going to be spending that much, consider a good sports seat instead!For the brave and determined, try my DIY seat repair guide.

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