April 8, 2015

Future Shocks Page 2

The Ed was looking for the Ultimate Test for the popular Rancho RS9000 shock, so when I said I was heading for Cape York for three weeks to photograph the National Parks, and would be travelling in a 100 Series Landcruiser with the full RS9000 set-up, Mr Mellor asked me to report on how the combo works over what are some of the logest rough roads in the country.

As it turned out, my mate Tim Forsyth and I covered more than 5000km during this particular assignment. 

We decided to incorporate the “wet and bloody slippery” CREB track at night, the Old Telegraph Track, including the ever-eroding Gunshot crossing, Cape Melville’s bottomless bulldust trenches and any number of “pig-routing side tracks” on our route, so this was by, by any off-roaders’ estimation, the absolute real deal-we were really going to put the Rancho set-up through its paces.

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