April 10, 2015

Dog Sitter (4×4 Australia December 2010 No.323)

My three young kids clamber over the front seats at any and every opportunity. With the Troopie being a two-door wagon, the kids don’t always slide daddy’s seat forward to get their second-row seating as they’re supposed to. So tough, washable seat covers are essential.

Dingo’s seat covers are made from Australian Bradmill 12oz canvas, and are tailored for the Troopie’s front seats and include both headrests, driver’s wallet pocket, large seat back pockets, and an LED torch on the driver’s side.

The one piece design ensures no grotty accumulation down the back of the seat and it is easy to brush off. It’s also a doddle to fit, even the tight fitting headrests. The covers are neatly made, with no gathering and little of the telltale creasing of poorly tailored seat covers.

Dingo is a small operation; a husband and wife team from north Queensland. From my experience, their commitment to the products is self evident, with a high care factor. They make covers for the 4×4, mining, trucking and training industries, and it shows through in the tough stitching and strong construction. In my kid-crowded Troopie, the covers endure constant traffic, and they are standing up without any issues or signs of wear after 10,000km.

The voluminous seat-back pockets area big plus in the Troopie because Toyota never considered storage beyond the vehicle’s small glove box. The pockets’ contents are easily and quickly accessed via a full-length Velcro strip. The velcro is strong , keeps the pockets closed and ensures that contents are held neatly and securely in place. There is no movement or sloppiness at all, even when travelling across the roughest terrain. The pocket behind the driver houses lots of gear that I like to keep close at hand, such as a bag of small hand tools, tyre pressure gauge, rain jacket and binoculars. These pockets are easily the most desirable optional feature. I wouldn’t be without them now.

I originally wanted canvas seat covers for water proofing and durability. Comfort was an added bonus from the Dingo covers, which are made from natural fibre not a polyester canvas.

These covers have exceeded my expectations, and even though they are premium priced, I reckon buying on low price is usually false economy.