June 19, 2013

4WD Monthly Article (July 2006)

 How NOT to fit a Dingo Seat Cover on a Stratos seat

We were so excited to hear that 4WD Monthly were going to feature one of our seat covers in their July 2006 Issue! Once we actually saw how poorly appallingly badly it was fitted, we blew chunks.

Dingo Seat Covers is the manufacturer of heavy-duty, washable canvas seat covers for a variety of seat sizes and styles. Pictured here is their cover for the after market Stratos seat, which features a separate removable headrest cover. The seat covers are designed specifically for different seats and are moulded to the correct shape to eliminate creases and flaps. The 25mm seat belt webbing and 25mm lifebelt buckles ensure that the cover isn’t going to move once it’s in place.

Priced from around $150.00, you can find out more about visiting www.dingoseatcovers.com.au

In their defense, this is the hardest seat to correctly fit.

Photo reproduced from 4WD Monthly, July 2006 (page ?).

How TO fit a Dingo Seat Cover on a Stratos seat

Step One

Clean Seat and remove headrest. Position cover over the top of the backrest.

Refit headrest. Adjust headrest to correct height now.

Slip over cushion front. Do not cover up seat slide adjusting handle. Some covers have plastic hooks that hook around seat trim anchor points underneath the cushion front.

Feed Straps through the gap between backrest and cushion.

Step Two

Pull and wiggle straps from side to side, checking that the canvas flap attached to them is not scrunched up.

Pull the straps tightly backwards (not upwards). This will settle the cover into place.

Check that the seat cover is sitting over the seat properly.

Step Three

Clip the buckles together (ensure that both teeth have correctly latched by gently attempting to pull the buckle apart).

While tightening up the tensioning straps (pull tail back/side to side, then snig down) push the seat cover back into the seat at its backrest/cushion join. Retighten straps as they are meant to be very tight.